Hailing from a small lake resort town 2 hours north of San Fransisco, parriah are an anomaly unto themselves as they're a band who's music cant be narrowed to an exact genre. So they created their own yet not by design. Recently crowned as Northern California's Power-Pschadelic band, parriah have their own unique brand of hard rock blending powerful hard hitting melodic riffs with soulful psychedelic bliss. For the last 4 plus years, parriah have primarily existed as a studio band consisting of Bay Area native Mike Marin as the main songwriter, guitarist and bassist, and creative partner Darrin Zeune on drums, vocals, and engineering duties.. Being the two core members of the band, the two strive for significance rather than fame while avoiding mediocrity at all cost. Although both musicians influences stem from 70's & 80's hard rock, metal and alternative bands such as Sabbath, Floyd, Zeppelin, the Cure, the Smiths and Marillion, parriah can easily draw comparisons to some 90's alt-rock bands such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden & the Verve.